Robot Ink?

Our Story

We have been buying our own real estate over the last decade and tried countless techniques to land deals. Without fail, the best success was with direct mail in envelopes that were handwritten. With all the deals coming in, we couldn't write fast enough, so our solution was to automate the process with robotic handwriting machines. Our homemade robots run on custom software and get the job done like no other.

Handwritten envelopes are only half of the story.
Mail works best when it lands in the right hands, so we couple our real estate experience with our data science skills to craft custom mailing lists that convert. The data we use cannot be found anywhere else.

We decided to help others achieve success with direct mail marketing, and in early 2021 we took the products and data resources we use ourselves to the retail market. While our original intention was to serve just real estate investors, we've found that our handwritten envelopes coupled with our data capabilities can make a huge impact in other sectors as well. We look forward to continuously serve our fellow investors while supporting other business owners too!

Who Makes it Happen?

John Klingelhoets

John Klingelhoets has spent the last ten years investing in buy & hold real estate and ‘real estate retired’ in early 2021. He scaled his portfolio by specializing in sourcing grand slam off-market deals using his unique approach to direct mail with high quality data. In addition to expanding his portfolio, John now spends his days operating Robot Ink Marketing and tending to the robots needs! 

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