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Handwritten mailers are about...

standing out

The majority of our customers use our mail for...

1. Real Estate Marketing

We help individual investors & leading investment firms get more deals under contract.

2. Sales Prospecting

Business owners across all industries turn to handwritten mail for great first impressions that turn into discovery calls.

3. Fundraising

Politicians and non-profits use our handwritten mail to mobilize their donor base, drive event attendance, and thank people for their continued support.

A closer look at our robot operation

15 Robots, 7 People, and 1,000,000+ Pieces of Mail

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And if you want proof, hear from our

satisfied customers.

"The staff at Robot Ink Marketing are great to work with. They ensure consistent communication and quality leads. The hand-stamped and hand-written envelopes really increase the chances that your message will be well received by the recipient. Highly recommend."

Jason Bloch
Real Estate Investor from Milwaukee, WI

"The team at Robot Ink has perfectly filled a need for my business by taking the hassle out of direct mail. They worked with me to devise the best strategy for my campaigns and built an accurate list of the most current information. Not only did their proprietary technology ensure that my letters were opened, but I received responses on day one."

Matt Jacoby
Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles, CA

"Robot Ink guided me through the entire process to generate direct leads on a small business acquisition campaign. Tato and John are incredible at what they do, and will help any business differentiate their lead generation in a cluttered marketplace. We are excited to pursue the opportunities generated by Robot Ink and the ongoing relationship we are building with their team."

Chris Seegers
Owner of Exceptional Companies
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